The Blue Bells

Ok – I have a boatload of friends in Texas who are always talking about the bluebells –

The blue bells, the blue bells, the blue bells.

They are CRAZY about their blue bells.

What is a bluebell?  Google it.


Here is a pretty girl in the bluebells:

Before you ask – I’m not telling you where the bluebells are because then I see 100 pictures of people attempting to recreate this.  Just put down the mouse and call me.

June 12, 2014 - 9:47 pm

Hillary S - Love the pictures! In Texas, we have bluebonnets not bluebells. Bluebonnets are in large fields and even on the side of the roads. People love taking photos every spring in the fields of bluebonnets. Sometimes you can even get a few Indian Paintbrush (bright red flowers) in the pictures too.

July 31, 2014 - 3:20 pm

admin - I kant spel a lik


So my friend A. has been using a photo on his facebook that was from college – he probably graduated from college 10 years ago (conservative estimate) and while it was a pretty picture – I told him I can take a much better one.  This started the debate.  What does your photograph say about you.


Here’s mine:

What does this say about me…well…I was fake blonde with a really bad root job needed – my lips were drier than heck and I haven’t taken a headshot myself in a while because I like this one…Should I do a new one…YES…Will I – YES, this summer I’ll let Mini-ME take the picture (she’s darn good) and I’ll change it.  But even I know I keep my picture on there too long.  Why?  Well first of all it’s a pain to take you own picture and not look like your 18 years old and doing it for Twitter or Facebook or whatever social media thingy you taking it for – it’s VAIN – who really wants to look at a picture of themself and last it’s about WHOSE taking the picture…make sure it’s the right person because as much as I preach it – not all photography professionals are the same.


So, in honor of my friend A – who has needed this for um way too long – here’s a sample of what we did…heck of allot nicer and better than indoors wouldn’t you say?


New family member…

Yep – a new member of our family.  I was kinda quiet about this one.  Didn’t want anyone to know.  Didn’t even know we were expecting.




We walked into Dog Patch and Feed and fell in love.  OK – I fell in love with another dog who looked like a mini version of this one.  If you have never been to Dog Patch and Feed – You REALLY ought to go there.  Greg, the owner, was there to help us pick out a dog.  I really wanted Sushi – and in retrospect – Sushi would have been a marvelous dog.  Sushi was about 11 weeks old.  Ethel is about 6 months old.  The ultimate decision was about training.  I totally believe we made the right decision – Ethel is amazingly cute, photogenic (Thank GOD since my other buddy is NOT) and just the right pal for our family.  I am NOT rushing things – but knowing that Ethel will be on the porch when my daughter goes away to college sometime soon just makes me all the more happy we decided to add to our family.

Now, the angry old guy I often talk about, well he’s not happy.  That is putting it mildly.  He’s my love and will always be my love and I will love him differently – but he will always be my love.

So – enjoy the pics of our new family member.

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When I was 18…

When I was eighteen – yes it was the 80’s.  BARF.  Now these kids are born in the 90’s.  Dang – when did I get so old?

Boy George was the rage.  George Michael was dreamy.  I had punk hair and a punky attitude.  My photography SUCKED.


Wait, did she just say her photography sucked.


Yes.  My photography sucked.  I was young and stupid and wish I could do it over again and again.  I love the smell of fixer and stop.  I love playing in the dark room.  I love the mystery of taking a photograph and not being able to see it until I carefully unrolled the film into the canister from HELL and put developer in the metal can and shook it – wait swirled it – so the metal would come off of the film and reveal … a super sucky picture.  I have all my work from Columbia College here if anyone would like to validate how much I suck.  Wait – please do not validate me.  I know now the error of my ways and I am happy to say that I can see when someone else sucks.  Let me just be clear – when your new at photography – or anything for that matter – you, well, suck.

Now…some years later…I don’t.  I’m pretty dang good.  I LOVE the work I do.  I LOVE Naperville.  I LOVE my friends and family.  And here is my favorite little girl and her friend.


Thanks for stopping by…stay cool Naperville.

katie dwyer naperville


First Holy Communion

So I have a story.

My Mom missed her First Holy Communion because she was sick with Scarlet Fever.  It was 1947.  So in 1976, to make SURE I didn’t miss out on MY FIRST COMMUNION she made sure I had my tonsils taken out.  I was just fine.  Somewhere around here (my house) is my first communion dress which I carefully kept for my daughter.  I cannot seem to find it.  I’m going to say a novena to St. Anthony and hope this thing miraculously arrives before this weekend because my beloved daughter is making her first communion and I want to capture just one or two pictures of her in my dress.  I remember shopping for the dress.  Don’t ask me why – BUT – we got it at this little Lithuanian boutique on Lithuanian Plaza (67th street between California and Western) I remember walking to the store.  I remember proudly wearing that dress.  And I remember how happy my Mom was to see me making my Communion with the rest of my class.

This is M.  Her tradition is that this dress was worn by all of her sisters.  This dress is beautiful and so is Miss M.  Wishing her and everyone at St. Peter & Paul Parish a Happy First Eucharist this weekend.  Enjoy.

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